Sean Tredway, b. 1992,

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA


I never really know what to say in these bios, so here it goes. 

I'm Sean, a 27-year-old lover of all things filmmaking. I started making films about a decade ago in high school. By senior year, I had taken every other art class that was offered and refused to go digital thinking it wasn't "true art". What an idiot. I broke down and took a video class. BAM! Hooked instantly! I had never realized that film combines every single art into one, making it the ultimate art form. I fell in love with this idea and now over a decade later, I'm still pursuing it.     

Music videos were my first love. They pulled me in with how crazy and creative you could make them. The amalgamation of music and video and art got my little brain moving in ways I had never experienced. To this day they are my favorite things to work on and create. 


From music videos, my love for Short Films arose. I haven't been as lucky to work on these as much but I have big plans for future short films.  

It was hard trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to focus on in film making. I bounced around from one thing to the next finally landing on cinematography. I get crazy excited at how to frame a shot and how to tell my story through angles and movement. I have a passion for creating a look, that's why I also got into color grading. Being able to make the shots I took look amazing and polished is the ultimate rush for me. There's nothing like massaging the colors of a scene into the perfect look that amplifies the story I'm trying to tell. 

I truly appreciate you taking some time to learn about me and check out my work. Feel free to send me an email if you have questions or for booking! 

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